“Becomes a work unit which provides full confidence and consultancy in a righteous/independent demeanor”  

The Office assumes full responsibility for verifying and appraising performance of all NIDA work units in conformity with universal accounting standard. To accomplish this mission, the Office shall review, analyze, assess, as well as providing them with complete consultancy/suggestions. The Office shall support and promote the appropriate internal control system with high efficiency and productivity for the best interests of the Institute.       

1.  Creating human relations and performance approaches generally accepted to all related parties   
2.  Performing its tasks independently and fairly in compliance with acceptable standard and professional ethics  
3.  Developing knowledge in order to enhance NIDA personnel’s potential to the fullest whilst maximizing their efficiency in implementation   
4.  Building up morale and unity in undertaking and completing any task among the workforce  
5.  Devising IT systems to assist in the Institute’s operation as deemed appropriate

Internal audit is a task related to performance verification of NIDA schools/offices and other work units. The duty is mainly aimed at supporting administration and implementation of the Institute in comprehensive areas in compliance with the policy of the Institute and recommendations/comments of the Audit Committee. Office of Internal Audit performs its obligations depending upon adequacy and efficiency of risk management and internal control activities. One of its major tasks is to supervise and evaluate quality of performance as assigned in terms of:      
-    Accuracy, comprehensiveness, and reliability of financial data and performance data.  
-    Productivity and efficiency in implementation
-    Asset retention and maintenance
-    Compliance with law, regulations, bylaws, and contracts